Choosing an Alcohol Rehab for Women


Choosing an Alcohol Rehab for Women

Alcohol rehab for women allows female alcoholics an opportunity to regain control of their lives. At Safe Harbor Treatment Center, women suffering from the disease of alcoholism can plant the seeds of change and nurture them as they grow into a vibrant recovery.
Within the United States alone, 14 million individuals abuse alcohol or suffer from alcoholism. That comes out to one out of every thirteen adults.
The disease of alcoholism is widespread, and the epidemic is not hindered by the plethora of evidence that the misuse of alcohol can have devastating consequences. The physical results of heavy drinking include increased risk of certain cancers, cirrhosis of the liver, immune dysfunction, and brain damage. The situational results are increased risk of tragic events like automobile-related deaths, homicides and suicides.
If alcoholism were a matter of logic or willpower, these facts would be more than enough to inspire alcoholics to control their drinking. Unfortunately, for an individual who suffers from the chronic disease of alcoholism, moderation does not exist.
If you believe that you or someone you love may be an alcoholic, do not let shame discourage you from approaching the problem as you would any other medical situation. Alcoholism is not universally understood, and misconceptions about its validity as a disease give rise to the social stigma it bears. Do not mistake alcoholism for a moral inadequacy in yourself or your loved one.
Though traditionally viewed as men’s problems, alcoholism and alcohol abuse affect women equally, albeit with subtle differences. Approximately 200,000 women will lose their lives to alcohol-related illnesses this year, a number which dwarfs the death toll breast cancer will take by four times.
Women suffering from this deadly disease must not lose hope. Recovery is not easy, but it is accessible with the help of an organized program of alcohol rehab for women. Alcohol treatment programs that are gender-specific, like Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women in Costa Mesa, California, employ treatment methods that are ideally suited to women, and offer a safe and nurturing environment. In alcohol rehab for women, residents focus not only on eliminating alcohol, but also on healing and regaining control of their lives. The self-worth gained in a program of this variety in combination with a restored sense of balance form a strong foundation on which to build long-term sobriety.

The disease of alcoholism, though equally serious for both genders, tends to manifest in different ways for women than men. Women are more likely than men to suffer from depression and low self-esteem as a result of prolonged drinking. They also tend to lose connection with any kind of social support network as their alcoholism progresses. Alcoholic women often come to view themselves as victims, completely losing any sense of self. An effective alcohol rehab for women takes these patterns into account, customizing the treatment program to specifically address the female alcoholic experience.

A residential alcohol rehab women, like Safe Harbor Treatment Center, utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to recovery. Women are supported medically and therapeutically through the process of detoxification and withdrawal, and are then encouraged to explore co-occurring issues that they may face, for example eating disorders, sex and love addiction or post-traumatic stress disorder. Bringing these other problems into view in a safe all-female setting can relieve some of the shame and guilt that often causes women to drink. An effective alcohol rehab for women will also work with each client to develop an aftercare plan, which often involves continuing on to an all-women sober living home. Safe Harbor’s program offers a year of residence at one of five sober living houses following completion of the 90-day treatment program. Call us today. We are here to help.
This article was written by Alex Whalley. Finding long term treatment centers like Safe Harbor Treatment Center is a wonderful thing. Drug Rehab for Women is often easier when the environment nurtures a woman’s special needs, at Safe Harbor they do just that a level above the rest.

Optimum Diabetics Supplement Review

Diabetes can put a massive strain on our bodies. With the insulin injections and limited diets, we have a hard time ingesting the proper nutrients our body needs to function properly. Optimum Diabetics Health Solution is the answer to these problems. A perfectly mixed formula of vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients; it will guarantee you a healthy life even with the problems associated with diabetes.

One thing that must be mentioned first; Optimum Diabetics is, in no way, an insulin replacement. The purpose of this supplement is to give your body the essential nutrients that having diabetes can leave out. In this arena, it works fantastically.

You do not have to take a lot of pills or any other supplements. Just one Optimum Diabetics formula will provide you everything you need. No longer will you have to suffer from fatigue, slow metabolism, and other health issues. Taking this will allow you to have full energy, lose weight, and be able to gain your life back from diabetes.

This product is all natural meaning no bad or harmful side effects and it can be taken with other medications. The makers of the product are pros in the field of all natural supplements. They have carefully taken their expertise to the next level and made a perfect concoction of herbs and minerals to provide you with better health.

If you are tired of always being exhausted and weight gain caused by diabetes. If you want to gain your life back, and live like you did before diabetes. Then Optimum Diabetics is for you. You don’t have to take our word for it though; Optimum Diabetics comes with a 90 day money money back guarantee. With all the benefits and virtually no down side; there really is no reason not to buy Optimum Diabetics today.

Learn more about Optimum Diabetics and read an Optimum Diabetics Review.

No Nonsense Muscle – Popular Programs Reviewed

Usually when people start working out, they want to gain muscle and lose fat. If start working out, then you will find that the fat will drop off pound by pound. Ever hear that muscle burns fat? It’s very true, so exercising ensures you stay in shape. The most important part that you need to remember when you are working on your muscle mass is that you need to set goals. If you want real results, you need to be consistent, disciplined and set goals for yourself to achieve.
Your diet is very important. Remember the old saying that you are what you eat? Your gains and progress are directly linked to how well you eat. Important considerations include what and when you eat. If you want to gain muscle, its simple. You have to feed them. If you eat too much, you could gain excess weight, and if you eat too little you could have slow gains. So basically, you’ll need to start eating right to make your gains good
Proper workout is the key to building muscle. If you are doing the wrong exercises, your growth could plateau after a while, or even you could injure yourself. This is where you will need help probably. And you probably aren’t if you are looking for tips in this guide. The best way for anyone to get into shape and learn all they need is to get into a fitness program. If you can’t afford a trainer, then you could check into online muscle gaining programs for help. One of the best programs on the market today is Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia. Bottom line, if you want real results, get into a program like Muscle Gaining Secrets. Check out the Muscle Gaining Secrets Review before you buy anything else. I hope you set your goals high and reach them!

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