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Ultraformer III – Hifu Device


Ultraformer III – Hifu Device

Hifu Ultraformer 7D

Stretch mark removal
Wrinkle treatment
Face and body skin lift
Improving the texture of the skin of the face and body
Lift and rejuvenation
Two separate handpieces
12-month warranty

3 in stock

3 in stock

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Product Description

The HIFU Ultra Former 3D 7D (7D) is the latest and most specialized HIFU device with the most up-to-date technology available in the world, which has a total of 7 probes with 4 different cartridges. This device is used to treat major skin problems related to structural proteins, such as wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, skin cracks, open pores, etc. are used.

Introduction of HIFU Method

It is a non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound waves (ultrasound) to lift and tighten the skin of the face and body. Focused ultrasonic waves, known as HIFU, penetrate the treated area, also called the target tissue (usually deep in the dermis reticula), resulting in an increase in the kinetic energy of the particles in the target area. The increase in kinetic energy leads to an increase in temperature. This controlled increase in temperature degrades the structural proteins that make up the skeleton of the skin. This controlled destruction stimulates the cells that synthesize these types of proteins (fibroblasts), and in order to repair this controlled damage, the production of proteins (collagen and elastin) increases, and we will see a reduction in the signs of aging, lifting, and skin rejuvenation.


Ultrasonication (ultrasonication) is applied to the deeper layers of the skin to form heat coagulation at each shot and deep in the dermis.
The creation of heat coagulation zones stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers and elastin fibers under the skin.
To create a lifting effect, you can do this procedure on the whole face (usually 600 shots) or half of the face (usually 300 shots). You can also do it for parts of the body that have complications such as cellulite or stretch marks.

The performance of the HIFU Ultra Former system and the distinctiveness of this device

HIFU’s 7D intense focused ultrasonic system has a smaller focus point than other HIFU machines. That is, it focuses ultrasound waves more accurately, which with high energy, transmits a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Celsius to the target skin tissue layer, so this device treats the target tissue with very high precision without damaging the surrounding tissues.

HIFU Ultra Former

Main Applications of HIFU Ultra Former Machine

As mentioned earlier, the 7D high-energy focused sonication system (7D HIFU) has a smaller focus point than other HIFU devices. This means that the focal point diameter of the mechanical ultrasound waves (HIFU ultrasound) is smaller and therefore the treatment is more accurate and simple for the operator.
High-energy focused ultrasound waves at 65°C to 75°C are applied to the target skin tissue, which results in a thermal coagulation effect.
Without damaging the tissues, it further stimulates collagen and elastin. In summary, it can be said that after the end of a full course of treatment with the HIFU Ultra Former device, you will see the following results clearly:

  • Skin Lift:

Sagging skin occurs due to a lack of structural proteins in the skin. The synthesis of these proteins naturally declines in the body after the age of 25 and must be met in other ways. HIFU stimulates the fibroblasts that make up these proteins to give you fresh and youthful skin.

  • Wrinkle removal:

The formation of wrinkles is also the result of a severe and chronic deficiency of these proteins in the area of wrinkles, which are naturally resolved with a course of treatment. There are different types of wrinkles, which can be generally categorized into two groups: static and dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles are deep, persistent wrinkles that are characterized even when you maintain the normal shape of your face (without frowning or smiling). These wrinkles are more resistant to treatment. The other group of skin wrinkles are dynamic wrinkles that appear when the face changes its position. Such as frown lines, smiles, crow’s claws, etc. If left untreated, these wrinkles will change to static or static lines.

It is worth noting that both types of wrinkles can be treated with HIFU Ultra Former.

  • Improve skin texture:

HIFU Ultra Former improves the texture of your skin significantly. It’s not impossible to imagine smooth surface skin without wrinkles or cracked skin with this device!

  • Treatment of stretch marks and scars.

Stretchmarks and scars are both the result of the skin’s struggle to adapt to new and sudden conditions in the skin. In this situation, the skin does not have enough time to make enough elastin and collagen, and it cannot build the normal texture and texture of the skin. With HIFU, you can somehow remove and rebuild the disproportionate texture of the skin!

  • Cellulite Removal

Cellulite, like scars and stretch marks, is the result of the accumulation of fat and the imbalance of the skin’s structural proteins with other tissues, which can be treated with HIFU.

  • Improve skin volume

It is done in order to improve the texture of the skin. By restoring the collagen and elastin fibers, the skin is smoothed, and the cracks and low volume of the skin are compensated.

  • Treatment of open pores

Open pores are usually associated with the amount of sebum secretion in the skin, but this is not always the case. Decreased elastin in the skin can lead to dilated pores and an uneven appearance of the skin. In these cases, HIFU controls this conditioning by increasing the production of elastin.

What is HIFU?

The word HIFU stands for “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound”, which means “focused and intensified ultrasonic waves”. This technology focuses ultrasonic waves and transmits them to the treated area with high precision, which leads to a heating effect, cellular stimulation and ultimately treatment.

TRANSFORMER III – Hifo Ultra Former

ULTRAFORMER III. IS AN OPTIMAL AND NON-INVASIVE FOCUSED SONICATION DEVICE (HIFU) THAT PERFORMS SKIN TIGHTENING AND FACE LIFT FOR YOUTHFUL SKIN AS WELL AS FOR THE BODY FOR NARROWER LINES. HIFU transducers are carefully designed at every shot beat to regenerate collagen through stimulation of fibroblasts to eliminate facial wrinkles and sagging skin or tighten body tissues to reflect your true potential.

هایفو اولترا فورمر

Advantages of using this machine

  • Rapid treatment
  • The simultaneous use of two handpieces results better: the energy of each pulse is 300% higher than the previous version.
  • Cost-effective: Up to 30,000 shots (shots) per cartridge
  • The Ultraformer III is the first high-focus ultrasound device approved for the treatment of the body.
  • No downtime or downtime required
  • Non-invasive and without the need for tissue clefts and bleeding
  • No side effects including new scars

The Ultraformer III HIFU transducer (handpiece cartridge) emits high-intensity ultrasound to penetrate the treated area within the desired depth range and with geometric precision. Focused ultrasound induces thermal coagulation at various depths of the skin, connective tissue, and fat layers. Thermal coagulation causes the melting of the fat layer and the formation of new collagen fibers, leading to a non-invasive lifting effect overall.

The Ultraformer III device has three different cartridges for proper treatment at three different depth of action to treat the facial area:

  1. Dermis surface (1.5 mm) – acne, open pores, freckles, skin rejuvenation
  2. Hypodermis (3 mm) – Eye lift Wrinkles in the nose area – Wounds
  3. Connective Tissues (SMAS) (4.5 mm) – Generic Lifting



کارتریج هایفو اولترا فورمر



Description of HIFU Ultra Former Probes:

‎1. Face probe 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, contour shaping, lifting and tightening, crow’s claw, diminution and removal of frown lines,‎
‎ smile lines, double chins, neck lines‎
‎2. Body Probe, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, Fat Removal & Body Shaping, Orange Skin & Cellulite Tissue Restoration, Body, Chest & Butt Skin Lift‎
‎Tightening 3. The 2.0mm probe has a significant impact on elastocity, stretchmarks, and scars.‎

‎Contraindications of HIFU Ultraformer:‎

  • ‎Heart complication‎
  • ‎Pregnancy‎
  • ‎Platinum Implant‎
  • ‎Effective cancer‎

‎Technical specifications of this machine:‎

‎Focused and Intensified Ultrasonication (HIFU-HIFU)‎ ‎Device Typing‎
‎6 MHz (6MHz)‎ ‎Frequency‎
DS4-1.5, DS4-2, DS4-4, DS4-6, DS4-9, DS4-13 ‎Probes‎
‎1 to 4 mm‎ ‎Shot Spacing (On Skin)‎
‎8 to 18 mm‎ ‎Spot Size‎
‎5 to 25 mm‎ ‎Depth of penetration‎
‎0.1 to 3‎ ‎Energy (machine power)‎
‎110-220 is gone‎ ‎Input Power‎

‎Additional Description:‎

‎Spot size refers to the diameter of the coagulation point of HIFU waves, and the distance of the shot on the skin is the distance of the shots from each other in terms of length and distance.‎

‎RF or HIFU?‎

‎A common question for many people who need to lift and rejuvenate their skin is whether RF or ‎‎HIFU‎‎ ‎‎is more effective‎‎? Answering this question is not an easy task, and there are several answers to it.‎

‎The first point worth mentioning is that there are many models of each of these devices on the market. Some HIFU models may be better than some RF models, and the opposite is also true. Therefore, to make a better decision, you should consult an expert and check the technical details of the devices well.‎

‎However, there are several fundamental differences between RF and HIFU that we will discuss:‎


‎HIFU waves are a subset of ultrasonic waves with frequencies between 600 kHz (600 kHz) and 7 MHz (7 MHz). These waves are of the type of mechanical waves. By focusing these waves like a magnifying glass that focuses light, HIFU technology greatly increases its power and releases this energy in a specific area, which leads to the destruction of the controlled tissue and stimulates the skin to regenerate its own tissue.‎

‎RF waves are radio waves with wavelengths between 300,000 Hz and 300 MHz. Radio waves are made of electromagnetic waves. The difference between RF and HIFU waves is the most important difference. RF also exerts controlled destruction by heating the area in question, which, like HIFU, stimulates the skin to regenerate itself.‎

امواج آر اف و هایفو

‎RF and HIFU Waves‎

‎Focus Waves:‎

‎It is not easy to control RF waves and concentrate them at a specific point. Electromagnetic waves are harder to control than mechanical waves. Of course, there are different types of RF machines, and fractional RF, for example, allows you to target the area you want to treat more precisely. This is not possible in conventional RFs called multipolar. However, advanced HIFUs allow you to precisely control the location of shots.‎

‎Fibroblast Stimulation Mechanism:‎

‎Both of these devices, RF and HIFU, stimulate these cells to synthesize more collagen and elastin by controlling the destruction of collagen and elastin, as well as creating heat in the area where fibroblasts are present. You may be wondering how controlled destruction contributes to the increase in these two proteins? In the following, we will explain;‎

‎The healing process in the body is such that the repaired tissue becomes resistant to similar damages. For example, if a part of your bone is broken, after a few weeks, the bone will repair itself in a way that will be more resistant to the same pressure that previously led to the fracture. For this reason, the repaired part will be slightly thicker than before.‎

ترمیم استخوان

‎Bone repair‎

‎The same is true for the skin. With controlled damage to collagen, fibroblasts will synthesize more collagen, resulting in your skin looking younger.‎

تاثیرات هایفو بر بافت درم

‎Effects of HIFU on Dermis Tissue‎

‎In the photo above, you can see the changes in the dermis tissue, especially its protein fibers, due to the use of HIFU. The top row of photos is taken by the Mason tricrom staining method, which is a common method for staining collagen and muscle fibers and is used in histology and pathology. In the bottom row, the red Sirius method is used, which is used to show collagen and amyloids.‎

‎How does HIFU concentrate ultrasonic waves?‎

‎Here’s a simple explanation of how HIFU focuses ultrasound waves:‎

‎Transducer Design:‎

‎The transducer is made with an array of piezoelectric elements or crystals. These elements convert electrical energy into ultrasound waves. Individual elements in the array can be activated or controlled individually, allowing for precise aiming and focusing.‎

‎Fuzzy Array Technology:‎

‎Fuzzy array technology is commonly used in HIFU machines. It consists of controlling the time and intensity of the ultrasonic waves emitted by each element in the transducer array. By adjusting the timing and intensity of each element, the ultrasound waves can be manipulated to converge or focus at a specific point.‎

‎Beam Command:‎

‎Fuzzy array technology allows the HIFU device to conduct the ultrasound beam electronically. By adjusting the time and intensity of the elements, the beam can be directed and focused in the desired area in the body.‎

‎Focal Area:‎

‎The combined effect of phase array technology is to create a focal region where ultrasound waves converge. This focal area is a specific depth in the body where ultrasound energy is maximized and concentrated. The size and depth of the focal area can be adjusted based on specific treatment needs.‎

‎By focusing ultrasound waves precisely on the target area, HIFU devices can deliver concentrated energy to the tissues being treated while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissues. Depending on the intended application of the HIFU device, it allows for non-invasive or minimally invasive therapies, such as tissue ablation, thermal coagulation, or targeted drug delivery.‎

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Ultraformer III - Hifu Device