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Why Slow Cooker Meals Are Best For Your Older Parents?


Why Slow Cooker Meals Are Best For Your Older Parents?

Slow Cooker or Crock Pot is an innovative cooking appliance that runs on electricity. The users need to put the vegetables or raw meat inside it along with the medium for cooking like water, stock or wine, close the glass lid and switch on the electricity. Thereafter, the meal is prepared inside it slowly. The cook can choose the cooking time by manually setting the switches at high or low and in some cases medium. Thereafter, no more human interference is required and the cook can rest assure that his food would not get burned as after the pre-set time, it power supply will automatically cut off.

This innovative cooking appliance is ideally suited for older parents who do not have much energy and strength for cooking their regular meals. Here are some of the reasons why slow cookers are best for the older parents.

Less Effort

Though we do not realize it, but cooking helps in shedding of a lot of energy. The cook has to stand for quite some time for cutting the vegetables and meat, stir them continuously and engage in many activities while preparing food. Because of this reason, the old people do not take much interest in cooking their regular meals. Crock pot is an ideal option for them as it requires very less effort. Only the cook needs to cut and wash the ingredients, place them inside the cooker, set the timing and switch it on. The rest is done automatically. So when you wish to eat, you just need to take them out of the cooker and enjoy.

The Food Melts In The Mouth

Most old parents have tooth problems and it is difficult for them to chew foods, specially meat. The process, in which food is prepared in a slow cooker, makes the food extremely soft and it melts in the mouth. This is an added advantage for the old people. They can easily chew the food and digest them quickly as well.

Healthy Food

Meals prepared in crock pots are much healthier as very little oil is used in the whole preparation. Moreover, the nutritional values of the different vegetables, cereals and meat are also not lost during preparation. As the lid of the slow cooker is closed during the whole preparation process, the nutrition that evaporates out from the food comes back to it by the process of condensation on the lid. Thus, the food is much healthier and best for the nutritional requirements of the old people.

No Need of Heating Before Having The Meals

The food inside the slow cooker from remains hot due to the unique mechanism that is used for preparing the food. Therefore, our old parents need not give extra efforts for heating the food before enjoying the meals. However, if we refrigerate any prepared food, then we have to bring it down to normal temperature and thereafter heat it before consuming it. This is an added advantage of using slow cooker.

Cooking in slow cooker requires the involvement of the least amount of utensils. The old people only need to wash the pot of the cooker and the dishes on which they consume food. Thus slow cooker is the ideal option for old parents who lives by themselves. It is much safer as well because it does not involve the use of gas which can cause serious troubles if there is any leakage.

The Benefits of a Low-Fat Slow Cooker Healthy Recipes

Experienced chef as well as ordinary home makers would agree that low fat slow cooker healthy recipes are beneficial in general food preparation. This style of cooking is done within several hours on covered lid and over medium heat. This ensures that all flavors will be sealed in the dish so that it will be more delicious and succulent. This cooking style will only require a minimal skill in culinary, while saving much time and effort when being done. This is considered by many as one healthiest way in preserving the food’s nutritional value.

One major benefit of low fat slow cooker healthy recipes is the fact that you can go on with your everyday chores as it need not be constantly check if the cooking is already completed. For example, you intend to have roast for the family dinner, all that is needed is for you to put all ingredients in the pot. You can then leave it as it cooks low and go on with your work. After several hours, you will have that delectable family meal hot when served.

Low fat cooker healthy recipes will only require liquid to be added to it while cooking. Even if you will cook meat recipes, a very minimal amount of fat or no fat at all will be required. It usually makes its own juice in which it will be cooked. Thus, it is really healthy meals as compared to others.  In addition to this, some meats that are already cut can turn tough when being cooked. Low fat slow cooker has the capability of braising and tenderizing these meats. The meats are being cook in uniform temperature for a lip-smacking entree. This means you can save money as you need not invest on expensive pot roasts and ham cocks.

Low fat slow cooker healthy recipes can also help in saving lesser energy than using a stove. While it is true that some recipes need to be left all day to cook, it will only take up to 200 watts of energy to consume. This is significantly less as compared to the use of oven which can be up to 3000 watts in a day of use. After cooking your healthy recipes in your low fat slow cooker, cleaning it up will also save you from trouble. As the recipes are only cooked in one vessel lid, you will need less time, effort and water to clean it. Because it uses lesser water, it can also be considered as eco-friendly.

There are numerous highly recommended slow cooker healthy recipes that can be enjoyed by those who put health as their priority. Some of the healthy recipes, which can be slow cooked, use beans. The latter is known to be very low in fat, while being high in iron, magnesium, potassium and folate. It also has numerous insoluble and soluble fiber which aids in digestion. When you have proper digestion, you will have lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and have a protection against colorectal cancer. You can use dried or canned beans in preparing recipes such as cassoulets and casseroles, vegetarian chili or dishes such as dal or hummus,

Whole grains also make up for some of the most popular slow cooked healthy recipes. Quinoa, farro or brown rice may take a little time longer in cooking as compared to the refined ones. But, the healthy benefits that can be derived will surely outweigh the waiting time. You can cook the brown rice for pilafs, risottos or salad. Or whole oats that are steel-cut for an enjoyable weekend breakfast.

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